My Karaoke Friend Fumiko

Long time no blog post 😦  I hope you are all well.   This year is almost over.   I’m a member of the karaoke social site “Utasuki” and created many karaoke videos on the site this year.  Let me show you some of them.   Today I’d like to share the videos that I sang with Fumiko in.   She is a fun person.  We haven’t met but we sometimes sing together on the site.




The next post including other hilarious karaoke videos will be the last of this year.   Coming soon 🙂

Do you know About SingSnap?

Singing is one of my hobbies.   I’m a member of  “Utasuki”, the Japanese karaoke social service, and I enjoy singing in English there.   However Japanese who sing in English are in the minority.   No wonder, I’m living in Japan after all.  It often happens that I can’t find a duet partner.  So I have looked for foreign karaoke social services and have found good sites.

SingSnap is one of them.   It provides so many songs with a wide variety of artists.   Also many songs have different versions, such as clean, explicit, duet and so on.   Recording in SingSnap is very easy.   I just sit in front of my computer, connect the headset and sing.   Sometimes when I sing too loudly,  there would be a cracking sound in the background because I use the headset for Skype.   Maybe I should buy a microphone for SingSnap in the future.  The basic members can access very limited songs for free.   The free songs seem to be changed sometimes.  To be able to access all songs,  you have to pay a certain amount of fee.

From my recordings, I’ve sung the duet song “Timber” (originally Ke$ha and Pitbull) with man who is a total stranger to me. lol

Social Language Learning Part 3 – Multilingual

As you read  on the previous post, the founder of LingQ is Steve Kaufmann.  He is a Canadian who speaks more than 10 languages.  LingQ reflects his learning method that is focused on reading and listening.  He shares his experiences and tips for learning languages on his YouTube channel.  I recommend language learners watch his videos.  They must be beneficial because he, a multilingual himself, proves the effectiveness of the method.
Here is one of his videos.  (I uploaded his Japanese video in my Japanese blog.  He speaks Japanese fluently)

My First Exposure To Gospel Music

I attended a gospel music workshop last Saturday.   It was my first experience to sing a gospel song.   The workshop invited Danny Eason from New York.  We enjoyed gospel music very much.  He is on the journey to do workshops in various places in Japan for 3 weeks.   At the end of the trip, he’s going to do a volunteer workshop in Fukushima, which was hit by tsunami and the nuclear accident.

Before starting the workshop, we practiced English pronunciation of lyrics.  Then, Danny Eason appeared with an interpreter .  There was a question-and-answer session at the beginning.  He advised us to use muscle of diaphragm while singing.  It is important to add resonance to the voice as if your body were an instrument.   hmm…  Saying is one thing, doing another.   He also gave a good idea to record your singing and check it.   That’s what I do.  I record my singing in “Utasuki” that is karaoke social networking service.  (I’ll write about this someday)

After that, we practiced singing.  We were divided into three parts,  soprano, tenor,  alto.  I sang alto.  He knew how to make people laugh and have fun.   He has a warm heart.  We had a really good time.  Then here is the final touch. (I created a SoundCloud account too. lol)

Two hours passed very rapidly.   After workshop, I bought a charity T-shirt to support workshop in Fukushima and got his autograph and had a picture taken with him.  He seemed to be hungry.  No wonder.  He worked very hard.  Thank you so much and come again.

The title of the  song is “Don’t give up.”  Really good song.   I found the video on YouTube.  Don’t you think Kohshi is a very good singer?