Waikiki Beach

I was so excited to see the beach!    Look at the blue sky and ocean!    There was a gradation in which the sea was deep blue turning emerald along the shallow coast.


I was so moved by the beautiful ocean because my town has no sea.


The sunlight was so strong that I couldn’t take photos  very well.



Many children were playing in the  water in the area inside of a breakwater.


You can rent a surfboard here.


What do you call this kind of tree?


The sun went down beautifully.


There was Hawaiian music and a dance show taking place at the beach.


Hawaiian girls were waiting for their turn backstage.


My son who loves hamburgers bought one at Burger King.   McDonald’s was closed for refurbishment.


Hawaii Report #2

The Mecca “Akihabara”

Tokyo Trip Report, Part 5

Do you remember my post about Ikebukuro?  I wrote that Ikebukuro is the Mecca of female anime fans.  On the other hand, Akihabara also seems to be the Mecca of male anime fans.  So, we went to Akihabara too.  At first, we visited Tokyo Anime Center.

It was boring (- _-;)

As soon as my daughter found the Animate shop, she rushed into it.  My son and I had to wait for a long time before she came out ! (>_<)

During that time, we went for a walk around there.   A flea market was being held.  Many anime-related goods were displayed.

What a curious sight!  Rickshaws were running around the areas.

Anime characters were printed on the back of the rickshaws.

The huge anime billboards (@_@)

The colorful cars in a line.

To be concluded.