My Summer In Hawaii

Hello.  It’s been a while.  How are you doing?   I’m doing great.    I just came back from Hawaii!    My family spent four nights at Waikiki on Oahu island and three nights at Waikoloa on Big Island for the  summer holidays.   It was my first trip to Hawaii.   I was so impressed by the beautiful nature on the islands.   All of my family enjoyed the activities very much.   I’m now preparing to upload a lot of pictures.  So just wait.  I hope you had a wonderful holiday too!


Close-up Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Trip Report, Part 3

After leaving DisneySea, we moved to the place to sleep.   It wasn’t a hotel.   My friend lives in a high-rise condominium, which has guest rooms.  We stayed there for one night.   It was located near Disney Resort.  The accommodation charge was much cheaper than the one of hotel.   It was my first experience to stay such a high-rise condo which had 40 stories.   I was curious because I live in an ordinary house.   This condominium features a grand lobby and has tight security.   There are several check points inside the building.  I was afraid I would be locked out.  So I couldn’t get out from the room. lol   Our room was on the 27th floor.  I was fascinated with the beautiful night view of Tokyo.  Tokyo Sky Tree was in the middle of the scenery from the balcony.  The Tree lit up  in the darkness was  exceptionally beautiful.

The view from the balcony in the following morning

We decided to go to Tokyo Sky Tree that day.
This is the photo taken from the courtyard of condo.   Don’t you think it’s artistic?

Closing up and looking up,  the Tree had tremendous impact.  We reached there around 9:30.   The waiting time was  70 minutes in spite of Sunday morning.    We were disgusted with the waiting time.   Also, children didn’t show any interest in the Tower.   Then we passed it and went to the next destination.

To be continued.

Tokyo Disney Resort was the Destination!

Tokyo Trip Report , Part2

We left Ikebukuro.  Then the next place we headed for was

When it comes to a sightseeing with children in Tokyo, Tokyo Disney Resort tops the list.

I’ve visited there many times since it opened.   It is amazing that it keeps its popularity for 30 years, despite the fact that it is crowded and the fees are high.   Tokyo Disney Resort has two theme parks, Disneyland and DisneySea.  We chose DisneySea this time.  It was our second visit, but my children didn’t remember the last visit because they were little.

The first attraction we took a ride in was” Journey to the Center of the Earth.”   The waiting time was 80 minutes!!!

I was standing in a line with excitement, because this is a high-speed thrilling attraction.   Actually, it wasn’t thrilling as I expected.   People get dull as they get older.  It is sad(>_<)    My son looked like he was enjoying it.    On the other hand, my daughter said cooly ” we shouldn’t have waited for 80 minutes only to enjoy a three-minute ride!”   Maybe she was right.

The next ride was “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.”

We waited for 20 minutes as well.  We rode it,  that went down with bubbling and turned around and around.   It was also one of the Disney’s typical ride, yet my son liked it.   Then we walked to “Arabian Coast.”    More than an hour wait was needed to get into  “The Magic Lamp Theater”     So, we gave it up and had dinner.   We ate curry.  Though it was expensive, the taste was nothing special.

After that,  we decided to watch a show, not to take a ride.    We enjoyed the show of  “Little Mermaid”.    It was fantastic and very comfortable with air conditioning in the theater.   I wanted to take a nap.    After that,  we went to “Broadway Music Theater to watch the Micky’s show, but it was already over.   What a shame!   A lot of people gathered around “Toy Story Mania” next to the theater.  It seems to be a very new attraction.

We still had time.   So we walked to “Port Discovery” and tried “Aquatopia” and “Stormrider. ”   Aquatopia has two courses, wet and non-wet.    We had to chose  the wet course with  no waiting time  or  the non-wet course with 20-minute waiting time.  We chose the non-wet course because we didn’t have clothes for changing.  The wet-course must have been more fun.   StormRider is a ride whose seats move in synchronous with the screen.    It was relatively interesting even though we didn’t have to wait.

It was almost 10 o’clock when we got out from the park.  What a day!  We were dead tired from walking around all day.  Anyway, we enjoyed the day.

“KISS” and Women’s Clothing Retailer “Honeys”

I hold shares in women’s clothing retailer “Honeys”   This company sends shareholders a free ticket once a year.  The amount depends on how many shares you hold.  I’m given 3000yen every year.    I didn’t use it all up yet even though its expiry date was close.   I couldn’t have found my taste of clothes every time I visited.  Why do you think I invested this company?   I thought the share price was too low.  Anyway I went shopping to use the ticket last week before expiry.   Honeys operates women’s clothing shops not only in Japan but China.

In the shop, I found a T-shirt with KISS printed on the front.   As a matter of fact, I like KISS.  I used to listen to their music in the 70s.  KISS is the famous rock group for painted face.  Of course their music is cool too.   They look scary but their music doesn’t sound scary. lol   I like Paul Stanley’s voice.   By the way,  why does Honeys sell these T-shirts ?  Is KISS popular among Japanese women?  Do they ever know Kiss?   I don’t think so.   I’m sure Japanese women like EXILE or ARASHI….  hmm..  mystery.

I bought this T-shirt.   It was 1200yen, 20% off from 1500yen at clearance sale.  I paid all by using free ticket.

Do you think  it’s weird for  a middle-aged woman like me to wear this T-shirt?   I don’t care.  I’ll wear what I want for the rest of my life.  I sing a medley of their hit songs at karaoke in these days.   They created not only hard rock but ballads.  I think “Beth” is an ageless great song.

My Emotion is Still Running High…

My emotion at the Olympics is still running high.  But I don’t mean sport.  I mean rock concert at the closing ceremony.  Though I pay my respect to all Olympic athletes, to tell the truth I’m not very interested in sport.

Anyway British Music. I was hooked on rock music in my teens, and wasn’t much interested in my 20s, and lost fascination after having children. (Recently, I like to listen to music again.) So I didn’t know some of them on the ceremony.

My impression:  Running lighting “Freedom” over the audience was fantastic at George Micheal’s song.  “Freedom”singing by all audience.  It looked fun.   Eurythmics!  Wow, I had totally forgotten this name.  Annie Lennox is 57 years old now!   How cool she is!   Her voice stays attractive.  The spice girls were very nice.  Their dresses were also cute.  I wish if I could sing it like them.  Really Really Want…  Fashion!  Fashion! Super models were gorgeous.  Naomi Campbell is now 42 years old!  Look at her incredible beauty.  Kate Moss is beautiful too.  Russel Brand singing with a bullhorn was cool.  Is he a comedian?   Jessey J.  What a singer!   She has a strong presence.   Taio Cruis is British, isn’t he.  I thought he was American.   I like his song “Dynamite”.  I want to sing it at next karaoke time.    When Jessy, Taio and Tinie Tempah sang together, the stadium became a huge disco.

And the final, The Who!  It didn’t ring a bell at first, but the song “See Me Feel Me” recalled the image of Roger Daltrey.  This song makes me cry. I used to listen “Tommy”.  At that time, Roger wore curly blond hair and the costume with a lot of strings.  How old is he?   He is 68.  Does he take an anti-aging supplements or something?  What a great artist!   I was so impressed. Of course,  other member of the group were nice too.

I want to watch USA Olympic closing ceremony(rock concert).  It must be awesome.

I paste the video of the final scene.

The Who in 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony

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