Hatsune Miku & Miku-tan

Today’s story is about music again.   My daughter told me that “Miku-tan” sings Hatsune Miku’s songs in English.    Then I listened to her songs.    Actually, she is super cool.  I think she is talented.   Miku-tan is an ordinary American girl.   She has uploaded her singing videos on YouTube and niconico.com,  and has been getting popularity among Japanese vocaloid fans.    A gifted person can appeal to the world by himself in today’s society.   On the other hand,  people might have fun finding out that kind of person he is.   Music has no borders or boundaries.

Collaboration between Kumamon and Hatune Miku

The Hatune Miku version of “Kumamon Dance” was released this month.    Miku just sings the theme song.   I want her to dance with Kumamon.   Kumamon is very good at dancing.    His dancing looks very cute.   I wonder who the man inside the stuffed suit is.   For your information, Miku sings the song of Bon Dance Festival of Koshi City in Kumamoto.   Additionally, Kumafes that I mentioned before will be held this year again.    Kumamoto might be a unique place.

Japanese Anime Festival “Kumafes” Hatune Miku

Kumafes Report,  Part 3

The next performer was  “Mito” impersonating Hatune Miku.   She mimicked Miku’s dance moves.  Hatune Miku is one of the  vocaloid  characters.   Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer program, which can create a natural sounding voice.  My daughter likes Hatune Miku very much.  She prefers songs by synthetic voice to human voices.  Hmmm strange.

I know the feeling that people want to mimic her dance.    I used to dance with my daughter, playing a Wii dancing game of Japanese songs.   To get a good score, we waved, swung and shook the wii remote control to the beat of the songs.  lol   Furthermore, I wanted to dance to American music, so I bought “We Cheer”.  But the reaction of remote control wasn’t as good as Japanese one.  I wonder if  the latest We Cheer has improved?

Back to Mito,  she was cute dressing up and dancing as Miku.   I pasted the nice Miku’s dance video along with Mito’s one.    I’m tempted to synchronize these videos.    Doesn’t this video make you want to dance?   Let’s dance!

“Animate” and “Itasha” in Tokyo

Tokyo Trip Report , part 1

The memorial service for my husband’s mother was finished.   I can finally enjoy the  trip!   My family refrained from traveling for 49 days!   On the way home,  my children and I  spent several days in Tokyo while my husband stayed in Nagano for a few more days.   The first place we headed for was “Ikebukuro” in Tokyo.   I hear that Ikebukuro is the Mecca of female anime fans.   For your information,  the Mecca of male anime fans is Akihabara.   Many anime shops line the place called “Otome Road.”   Otome means maiden.   Out of these shops, the most iconic place is  Animate’s main shop.  Animate  is the largest retailer of products related to anime, games, and manga in Japan.

*Note* Animate moved to another place in Nov. 2012.

My daughter didn’t come out of the shop for more than an hour.    She bought some stationery printed with her favorite anime characters.

There was a Toyota showroom next to Animate.  Luckily,  several Itashas were displayed temporarily.   An “Itasha”  is a car painted colorfully with anime characters.   The displayed cars were covered with Vocaloid characters that my daughter loves, such as Hatsune Miku.   What do you think of these cars?   I think they are cool, but I don’t want to own one.    They stand out too much.   I’ve seen Itashas running on a public road twice.



TOYOTA86        Several men were taking pictures with enthusiasm.   This car must be hot!

PRIUS C     (AQUA in Japan)

We left Ikebukuro and headed for the next place which is very famous.    Take a guess!

To be continued.

I Love Karaoke

During June of this year I started singing at a karaoke place.  I often go to karaoke with my daughter.   It is fun.   In the past I didn’t like singing because I couldn’t sing  well.    Now I can sing better.  Why?   I think it’s because I occasionally talked to my children in a loud voice,  moreover workout at the sport club that also improves my voice too.   Singing is the best way to release stress.  It  makes me feel good.   It also beautifies your abdominal and facial muscles due to deep breath and oral movements .   I recommend karaoke  especially to the elderly.   There are many senior karaoke fans in Japan.     I wonder if it’s the same system in other countries.   Karaoke became popular in Japan in the 80’s,  and not only young but older people enjoy singing now.

Karaoke stations  have many small rooms.

They charge  280 yen per person per hour,  but they offer various discounts.   You can order food and drinks.

My musical tastes are different  from my daughter.   She likes vocaloid such as Hatsune Miku.   Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application developed by the Yamaha Corporation that enables users to synthesize singing by typing in commands.   Many songs  have very fast tempo like tongue twisters,  very high tones, and  difficult rhythms.

She sings  Hatsune Miku songs.

The anime song  “Gintama”

 I assume I may be too old to sing rock music, but I like it.   I sing  not only the recent hit, but the 70’s ones too.   Today I sang “Day after Day” by Bad Finger.   I  knew this song from the radio when I was a little girl.   That record was the first one I bought in my life.   It was also  my first exposure to western music.   I  used to listen to rock music during my teens.   I listened to strange music such as King Crimson, Emerson Lake and Parker too.    I wonder how many Japanese  know of them.   I think I was a strange girl.   Today I sang King Crimson’s song.   “I talk to the wind~  The wind does not hear~ The wind cannot hear~”  Of course not!

I sometimes sing lady Gaga songs.

Madonna and Avril Lavigne’s songs are difficult to sing (>_<)

I like to listen to Black Eyed Peas.

I like Queen too.

I watched James Brown’s concert that was held in Las Vegas.

Deep Purple   Oh,  this is a good old film!

Japanese group, “Sid”, is the only artist that both my daughter and I like

Is There Karaoke Ranking System in Your Country?

I went to Karaoke yesterday.
I mainly sing a song of Lady Gaga,Shido and Teresa Tengthese days. Karaoke machine has a ranking system which was judged by computer.
I won the first place in the online ranking through whole country at the song ‘Bad Romance’ by Lady Gaga. The other day I ranked first at the song ‘Brown Eyes’ too.
But I’m not good at singing specially.
The number of entry is a very few in English songs.
Even if your score is low, you can get No.1 ranking. But Japanese songs are very difficult,especially vocaloids’songs.
There are hundreds or thousands entries.
Do you know ‘Hatune Miku’?   Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application.
The songs created by vocaloids are very popular among young generation.
There is a communication site for karaoke lovers ‘Utasuki‘ operated by Joysound.
On that site you can see the videos of the group in cosplay singing vocaloids’songs.
They look so happy.
Also it has the function of checking the history and score and making a friend like Facebook. Is there the online ranking system like Utasuki in your country? 
By the way, are there karaoke restaurants that have many small karaoke rooms?
If not, Joysound should take advantage of opportunities in business, I think.

My best score song is this ‘Yukigeshou’by Teresa Teng.

Gintama Lovers

My daughter loves ‘manga’ and ‘vocaloid’.

She has been listening to the song ‘Koino ABO’  these days.
Since this song has a kind of old tune, it sticks to my ear.
Japanese group ‘News’ seems to have been singing the original song around 2009.
Then  Gintama lovers created this filksong.
Although they aren’t professional singers,  the group has enthusiastic fans.

Please listen!