Opera Experience

  I had a trial voice training in other school before I decided the current class.
Although the title of the class was ‘voice training and chorus’,
actually it was an opera lesson. (Quite different from my taste) That day’s music was Carmen written in French! ”
Why isn’t it written in Spanish! “
 But teacher’s voice was terrific. In a deep voice. 
Students were very old man and women. 
An old woman next to me said “ll wait for you next week”
but I said ” I won’t come”

The music score that I paid 40 yen for is this. I don’t need this(-_-;)

Voice Training

I started to take a voice training lesson this month.
I have no thought to become a pop star.
I just want to sing Janis Joplin’s songs!!!(I am a little influenced by Glee too)
The trainer is a cheerful woman.
Students are all interesting senior women.

We sang a Japanese song last time, but what I really want to sing is like this.