My Mobile Phone

What kind of phone are you using?  I’ve had my current mobile phone for a little more than 2 years.  It’s a basic Sony model.   The phone itself was free, provided that I use it at least two years.  I use a few of the phone’s functions, such as text messaging and the alarm clock.   Moreover,  I use its camera, which performs better than my digital camera.

However, I never use my phone to connect to the internet.  That would cause  my monthly fee to jump up.  I usually stay at home and use my laptop, so there is no need for it.  The number of people using smart phones and tablets has been rapidly increasing in recent years.

I bought a WiFi model iPad mini last month.  This is my first time purchasing  Apple products.  This is a very convenient tool for outside use.  It’s handy and the right size for my bag. The covered iPad mini looks like a book.  I only had to pay for the device itself: no other monthly fee are needed.  I use many different functions and apps including Skype.  At first, it seems strange when speaking into my iPad, but I’m gradually getting used to it.  There are many useful apps for free.  Maybe I’m getting close to becoming  “high-tech”

By the way, my son also bought an iPod touch.  He is always playing the game “Puzzle and Dragons”  which is very popular in Japan now(>_<)


Japanese Anime Festival “Kumafes” Hatune Miku

Kumafes Report,  Part 3

The next performer was  “Mito” impersonating Hatune Miku.   She mimicked Miku’s dance moves.  Hatune Miku is one of the  vocaloid  characters.   Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer program, which can create a natural sounding voice.  My daughter likes Hatune Miku very much.  She prefers songs by synthetic voice to human voices.  Hmmm strange.

I know the feeling that people want to mimic her dance.    I used to dance with my daughter, playing a Wii dancing game of Japanese songs.   To get a good score, we waved, swung and shook the wii remote control to the beat of the songs.  lol   Furthermore, I wanted to dance to American music, so I bought “We Cheer”.  But the reaction of remote control wasn’t as good as Japanese one.  I wonder if  the latest We Cheer has improved?

Back to Mito,  she was cute dressing up and dancing as Miku.   I pasted the nice Miku’s dance video along with Mito’s one.    I’m tempted to synchronize these videos.    Doesn’t this video make you want to dance?   Let’s dance!

Japanese Anime Festival “Kumafes” One Piece

Kumafes Report,  Part 2

After seeing the Itashas, I went to a dance show.   There were several dance performances on the stage.   The first performer was “Grand 12Gradan” dressing up (cosplay) as the characters of  “One Piece”.   One Piece is a very popular cartoon in Japan.

Pokemon Center Tokyo

Final Tokyo Trip Report

The final destination was Pokemon Center Tokyo.   It is located in Hamamatu-cho.  Poke-Cen was the only place my son wanted to go.   He was finally able to go there.

They only sell Pokemon merchandise there.    Don’t you think it’s boring?

However, they had cute stuffed toys.

If your birthday is close,  they will celebrate your birthday on the TV screen.

My son looked around and kept playing his 3DS.  Hmm?  I asked him what he was doing.  He said  “I’ didn’t come here to buy anything.  I came  to play ‘Fes mission game’ with people around here via infrared communication.”   Aha, Really!   There were many people playing DS around Poke-Cen.

Can you see the 3DS in his left hand in the picture?   Whether walking or having his picture taken, he hardly put it down for a second.   Its screen showed many “Mii” avataras of people carrying 3DS  he passed by in Tokyo.  That was a really funny picture.

At Haneda Airport, I didn’t see the Pokemon Jet this time.  This is the picture I took in June.

I fell asleep right after boarding the plane. I didn’t get to see the spectacular view of Tokyo from the sky.  It’s a shame!   When the plane was going to land, my son had a terrible pain with his ears.  It seemed that he had a blocked nose because of a cold and  couldn’t control air pressure in his ears.  The following day, he had a fever.   The schedule was tight, but we enjoyed it very much.