My Karaoke Friend Fumiko

Long time no blog post 😦  I hope you are all well.   This year is almost over.   I’m a member of the karaoke social site “Utasuki” and created many karaoke videos on the site this year.  Let me show you some of them.   Today I’d like to share the videos that I sang with Fumiko in.   She is a fun person.  We haven’t met but we sometimes sing together on the site.




The next post including other hilarious karaoke videos will be the last of this year.   Coming soon 🙂

Karaoke in Japan

I hear that in other countries, karaoke means singing in public.   That sounds so embarrassing.   I think many Japanese are so shy that they can’t sing in front of many people.  In Japan, karaoke means singing with several friends or even alone in a small private room.   People choose songs by using a remote control device.  The social karaoke website called “Utasuke” is very convenient.  The members don’t need to search for songs every time.   They can log into the site on the remote control and pull out their favorite songs that they saved before.  There is a video camera in the room which enables to take a video of your singing.   It’s possible to superimpose up to five videos.   So, you can sing together with your favorite members on the TV screen.   In addition, you can connect up to two instruments,  such as a guitar or keyboard, with the karaoke machine called ” F1.”  That makes it possible to practice playing them by watching codes running on the screen.  You can play with the people living far away from you.   Don’t you think these things are great?

Some of the members are very good at singing.  One of my Utasuke friends “Manipadme” is a good singer.   She said that she grew up listening to UK and US music.   She hasn’t been to English speaking countries, but her English pronunciation is like a native speaker.   Here is her singing.


By the way, have you heard of the World Karaoke Championships?   This year, it will be held in Lappeenranta, Finland in November.  Check it out!

What Do You Think Are The Right Words?


A few days ago, I received a message from one of my Utasuki friends.   “Utasuki” is a social networking service for karaoke.   As for karaoke in Japan, please refer to my previous post.    The message was a request to upload my singing video.   In Japan, the video camera is equiped in each karaoke room.  The Utasuki members can easily videotape their singing scene and upload it for personal or public use in the website.  I’ve never uploaded my videos in public.   As I said before, I’m now practicing Micki Minaj’s song ”Starships.”     My singing is improving little by little.  So, maybe I’ll upload it in the near future as the request.

By the way, when I read the lyrics,  I thought the words didn’t  follow Nicki’s voice.    So, I checked the lyrics.  Then, I found there are many different words in the part!

Jump in my hoopty hoopty hoop, I own that
And I ain’t paying my rent this month, I owe that
But fuck who you want, and fuck who you like
xxxxxx, there’s no end in sight
Twinkle, twinkle little star…

What do you think are the right words in xxxxx?

There’s no light
Dance our life,
That’s our life
Dance all life
Dance all ya life
Dance how a life
Dance your whole life

In addition,  I can hear “sh”sound ” without “t.” in the part “it’s your.”
Get on the floor, floor
Like it’s your last chance
Would anyone explain for that?

Practice Speaking English with Rap Music

My favorite singers are Janis Joplin and Madonna, and I added Nicki Minaj recently.  Last week, I came across a video where Nicki and Madonna were having a conversation.  Nicki is very unique and fresh.  On the contrary, Madonna is a mature adult and has the air of the Queen of Pop.  I love both of them.

I’ve been listening to Nicki’s music while driving these days.  She is a rapper.  Although rap music isn’t my taste, I like her music, especially her voice.  It’s amazing that she can sing the rap part clearly in spite of the very quick tempo.  I thought it might be a good exercise for English pronunciation, or for my face muscle.  So, I’m practicing one of her songs “Starships”, though I mind a little that it includes some dirty words.  It’s very difficult for me to pronounce the rap part very quickly.  I wonder if native speakers can sing these songs easily.

“American Idol”

Recently, I haven’t been able to afford to watch TV enough, but sometimes enjoy watching “American Idol”   I assume you’re familiar with this show.  So the explanation about it won’t be needed.  Every time I watch it, the contestants’ confident way of singing impresses me.   Additionally, more than that, the judges amaze me.  The expressions of their comments are always rich and interesting.  I feel the cultural differences between Japan and America.  I think most Japanese can’t speak that way. We should learn the variation of praise and so on from them.

On this program, I saw Nicki Minaj for the first time.   Her attitude is appealing to me.   Her comments, voice, songs and fashion are very attractive. Here is one of her flashy videos.  Look at her boobs! They have great shape(゜o゜)

By the way, I’m surprised to know “Saturday Night Live” is still running.   I once watched it many years ago. There is no way to watch it for free in Japan now. Its videos on NBC website are blocked here. It’s a pity. However, I found out how to watch on “hulu” for a fee.  I like comedy or variety shows. Do you have any recommendations of comedy drama or something?

Hatsune Miku & Miku-tan

Today’s story is about music again.   My daughter told me that “Miku-tan” sings Hatsune Miku’s songs in English.    Then I listened to her songs.    Actually, she is super cool.  I think she is talented.   Miku-tan is an ordinary American girl.   She has uploaded her singing videos on YouTube and,  and has been getting popularity among Japanese vocaloid fans.    A gifted person can appeal to the world by himself in today’s society.   On the other hand,  people might have fun finding out that kind of person he is.   Music has no borders or boundaries.

Collaboration between Kumamon and Hatune Miku

The Hatune Miku version of “Kumamon Dance” was released this month.    Miku just sings the theme song.   I want her to dance with Kumamon.   Kumamon is very good at dancing.    His dancing looks very cute.   I wonder who the man inside the stuffed suit is.   For your information, Miku sings the song of Bon Dance Festival of Koshi City in Kumamoto.   Additionally, Kumafes that I mentioned before will be held this year again.    Kumamoto might be a unique place.